Hot Tattoos For Girls | Popular Tattoos For Girls For 2012 & 2013

Are you trying to find tattoos for girls? How about the most popular tattoos for girls?

Your search ends here as we will educate you on the most popular tattoos for girls and their locations.

Popular Tattoos For GirlsGirls are always searching for the first or their next tattoo and in most cases and are pretty unsure half the time of what they want and where they want it.  Finding a new tattoo or an idea for a girl can be very challenging, but let us help you with building a tattoo idea or help you locate a similar tattoo to your liking.  Nowadays there are so many resources online for girls to find a cool tattoo or at least an idea for the tattoo that they’re looking to get next.  Popular resources online may include websites like tattoo design sites, galleries of tattooed girls, Tattoo Johnny tattoo designs and other tattooed women websites that feature tattooed models with hot tattoos.  These are all great solutions to help girls find their next tattoo.  If you’re not one to search online, then you should resort to magazines or pay a visit a tattoo parlor near by.

Tattoos for girls is a growing topic and trend online. It’s not common that you’ll find resources like ours to educate a girl on how to locate a tattoo or a great tattoo artist for that matter. Although our website is called I Love Tattooed Women doesn’t mean that we’re here to entirely showcase tattooed women, we’re to help them as well.  We want women besides the men to take interest into what we have to offer on our site and to know that we’re here for all the right reasons.  We are definitely not a flyby website here to feed you garbage, we’re here to deliver what’s hot and popular.  Tattoos for girls is the hot and popular topic as we speak.

Now that you know that we’re here to help you locate your next tattoo, let’s go over some of the most popular locations to get a tattoo and some design ideas.

 Here some of the most popular tattoo locations for girls (see photos above):

  • Foot Tattoos
  • Hip Tattoos
  • Side Tattoos
  • Leg or Thigh Tattoos
  • Lower Back Tattoos
  • Sleeve Tattoos
  • Shoulder Tattoos
  • Neck Tattoos
  • Upper Back Tattoos
  • Full Back Tattoos
  • Chest Tattoos

Now it’s obvious that most of these tattoo locations for girls are pretty common but it’s a good overview at least for what to search for when looking for your tattoo.  In our opinion the most popular tattoo locations are sleeves, full back pieces and large side tattoos.  These popular locations are based on the amount of tattooed women and models that are listed on our website.   If you would like to add to this list of most popular tattoos and locations, please leave your comments below.

We will leave this topic open for discussion and add any feedback from your comments.  If you feel that we may have missed something, please let us know and we’ll add to this topic.


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  • Side Tattoos For Girls
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