Popular Sleeve Tattoos For Girls & Sexy Tattooed Girls

Tattoo Sleeves For Girls
Sleeve tattoos for girls are a beautiful thing.  Sleeve tattoos for girls are becoming more popular each and every day and women are more determined then ever to find the perfect tattoo design for their arm(s). A lot of women search online for their tattoo ideas while others go straight to the parlor without doing any research first. It is always best that when searching for your next tattoo or “sleeve tattoo” that you look around to see what’s out there before jumping the gun and getting the first thing you see.  It’s always in your best interest to locate a good tattoo artist and to find the designs you want forever, before getting the sleeve of your dreams. A lot of girls love to get certain tattoos because of the art or they just like how the ink stands out and sparks interest. Women love looking their best and love to draw in that attention, especially if they have a beautifully inked body.

Where should a girl start their research first when it comes to finding a design for a sleeve tattoo?

For starters you should start your search right here at I Love Tattooed  Women. Searching through our website will give you the opportunity to search through dozens of women and models that have beautiful sleeves to help spark your idea. This is really the best way for you to get an idea for your new sleeve tattoo. You can also take your search to other popular tattooed women websites or you may search online for more inked girls. When searching and locating your tattoo ideas, always have a good artist lined up and also remember to never copy another girls tattoo. Make it your own!

What are some popular sleeve tattoo designs for girls?

It’s hard to actually say what the most popular tattooed sleeve designs are, but we can at least give you an idea of what’s common in a girls sleeve tattoo. Here’s a list of some of the more common tattoo designs for a girls sleeve.

  • Bright colored flowers or tiger lilies
  • Butterflies, sparrows and owls
  • Skulls and sugar skulls
  • New age horror and vintage horror
  • Vines and roses
  • Waves or designs that pertain to ocean water
  • Unique patterns or animal prints such as leopard, tiger, cheetah etc.
  • Peacock and peacock feathers


Those are a just few ideas of what’s currently most common in a girls sleeve for 2012 and 2013.  We’ll update this list of tattoo ideas as time goes on, but hopefully you’ll find this information useful to some degree.


You might also want to consider looking at other popular tattoo design sites like Tattoo Johnny or similar. You can literally search through thousands of tattoos and designs but be warned, you might be there all night searching for ideas.


We’ll leave you with these great tattoo sleeves to help start your search for you next tattoo.  
Enjoy and please be sure to leave your feedback if you found this helpful. 


Tattoo Sleeve For Girls Design 3Tattoo Sleeve For Girls FlowersTattoo Sleeve For Girls Design 1Tattoo Sleeve For Girls Design 1

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